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5 Quick Furniture Care Tips

Advice To Keep Your Furniture Beautiful


Tip 1 :  Understand your furniture.  This is a solid wood product with natural markings which create highs and lows throughout the piece’s surface.  This is referred to as the “Natural beauty of the wood.”

Tip 2:  Wood is a living, breathing material that will continue to move with the seasons just like it did in its natural state.  If your table develops a small gap, it is seasonal.  Your furniture is simply reminding you that it’s alive…

Tip 3: Daily care is a Labor of Love, and in most cases cleaning and dusting regularly with a clean, soft, lint free cloth is sufficient…

Tip 4:  Avoid hot objects, scratches, and dents.  You have to respect your furniture just like you respect your shiny car, or any other quality belongings…

Tip 5: Our Conversion Varnish needs thirty full days of special loving care in your home, not in the store’s warehouse.  The furniture should be uncovered in your home in normal conditions to fully harden or “cure”.  Conversion Varnish is the highest quality furniture finish available…



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